Educational resources to teach students about good digital citizenship,
intellectual property and copyright through the lens of film and TV.


Nothing beats the real thing provides teachers with free curriculum-linked resources related to filmmaking, copyright and intellectual property, academic integrity, good digital citizenship, cyber safety and online piracy.

There are resources for both primary and secondary school students with clear curriculum links and assessment suggestions.

The materials are endorsed by Education Services Australia, with links included on the Department of Education’s Smartcopying website. Many of our videos are available on Clickview, a curated service of the world’s best education content, and the Australian Film, TV and Radio School’s Media Lab Filmmaking resource.

Why teachers need to know about copyright and piracy:

Educators play a critical role in guiding students through the ever-changing digital landscape. Apart from the moral considerations, there are practical reasons to be mindful about copyright:

  • Unauthorised streaming and downloading uses valuable school bandwidth and exposes computers to cyber-security risks such as viruses and malware
  • Viewing pirated content may breach the Copyright Act.
  • Accessing legal content allows the industry to invest in more content, employ skilled professionals, nurture young and emerging talent and create great films and TV shows.

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“Interaction with IP is a daily occurrence for many young people, and yet it is widely ignored within the education system,”

Create Content UK

…small personal decisions have very real consequences, particularly when millions of people make the decision not to compensate artists they supposedly love.”

David Babbitt - Musician