Educational resources to teach students about good digital citizenship,
intellectual property and copyright through the lens of film and TV.

Making Movies

Making Movies is a free online resource designed to help secondary students:

  • Develop an understanding of the stages of a film production – from the initial idea, through the process of making the film, to its screening in cinemas
  • Gain detailed insights into some of the many roles in the film production process
  • Explore some of the contemporary issues faced by the film production industry
  • Learn the skills they need to make their own films.

The Making Movies Teaching Resource is accompanied by 16 short, engaging video interviews with some of Australia’s leading screen professionals in roles ranging from producer to stunt performer, visual effects supervisor to marketing manager.

The Making Movies Teacher’s Guide provides ‘driving instructions’ to assist teachers to use the Teaching Resource in the classroom. With discrete chapters, structured lesson plans, a PowerPoint presentation and a broad range of website links, the Guide is a thorough and accessible asset for all teachers.


Making Movies

A comprehensive resource detailing the stages of film production and the people involved in making movies, with guidelines to assist students to make their own films. A review of key issues highlights some challenges faced by the creative industries.

Teacher’s Guide

Classroom-ready lesson plans and learning activities, with suggested assessment tasks and marking criteria to assist teachers to meet curriculum requirements. Devised by VCE Media Teacher, Brett Lamb.


Interviews with crew members offer a behind-the-scenes view of the varied roles and collaborative nature of the filmmaking process.

Making Movies PPT

A PowerPoint presentation for VCE Media teachers to introduce Unit 2, Outcome 2 – Media Industry Production.


Revision cards for VCE Media Unit 2 to assist students to learn the stages and roles in the film production process.


A VCE Media assessment is available for teachers. Please email us for your confidential copy of this classroom-ready task.

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