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Cyber Safety: Understanding Malware

Did you know that online malicious software, otherwise known as malware, can steal your personal information like passwords, banking details, health records and even your identity?

It is important to provide young content consumers with information that will protect them online. This free online resource for years 4 to 6 helps teachers and students to:

  • Identify different types of malware and their effects on computers
  • Understand the connection between copyright-infringing websites and the propagation of malware
  • Identify the effects that pirate sites have on the wider creative industries
  • Recognise appropriate digital behaviour and understand the importance of respecting copyright.

The objective of this lesson is to engage students and develop their understanding of malware and its link to pirate sites. It is important that students deepen their knowledge around malware as it very present in the lives of 21st century learners and can be harmful to their technology and their personal safety.

The lesson modules are flexible and teachers can determine which to use and the order of the lesson.


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