Educational resources to teach students about good digital citizenship,
intellectual property and copyright through the lens of film and TV.

Is It All Your Own Work? Navigating copyright.

Is It All Your Own Work? aligns with the cross-curriculum priorities of ACARA.

The resource complements learning across a range of subjects and assists primary and secondary students to navigate copyright issues.

Copyright has emerged as a critical issue in education. Teachers are increasingly challenged to present facts and dispel myths in the classroom. Is It All Your Own Work? covers some of the issues that might be raised when using people’s intellectual property or copyrighted works.

The resource includes

  • an overview of copyright, plagiarism, permission & Creative Commons
  • a stand-alone quiz (and answers) based on a variety of real-life scenarios to test students’ knowledge and understanding.
  • a Copyright & Piracy Fact Sheet providing information about some of the issues students might raise.
  • Links to information about copyright law and copyright training for teachers.

This resource allows teachers to seize the opportunity to help promote academic integrity and help shape good digital citizens.


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