Educational resources to teach students about good digital citizenship,
intellectual property and copyright through the lens of film and TV.

Useful resources for making a movie

Whether you’re a student making a documentary for an assessment or a budding filmmaker developing your skills, the following links will assist you in the process of filmmaking – from pre to post production and everything in between.

Getting Started

Post Production

Sound Effects & Music

  • Be sure to read the section on Music in the How to Make a Movie resource– it contains vital information about creating or finding music that is available to be used in your film.
  • Download free sound effects and music from ABC’s RAWR site
  • Download copyright-free video, images and sounds from ACMI’s Generator
  • Incompetech
  • Free Music Archive
  • is a good source of public domain music
  • Google audio library
  • Social Times will help you find some of the other sites providing free music: 10 Don’ts of Recording Sound for Film
  • OpenSea – licensing independent Australian/NZ music with all sync rights cleared across a range of media including film and TV.



And, for further Inspiration

  • Watch short interviews with 14 Australian crew members – learn how they got into the industry, what they do day-to-day on set and how they find work, on the Making Movies resource.
  • Read about and watch the work of brilliant film professionals – from directors to visual FX artists, composers to set designers

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